Briefly: Wanted Dead or Alive?

A Notice to Travelers and Bounty Hunters Alike

Attention Road Weary and Restless Souls the wood hereabout is haunted by a brigand
and a murderer of honest men.

Upon this Firesday last, in the very middle of the day, before God almighty and those assembled, an act of nefarity was undertaken. The deputies of His Holy Lordship
Duke Terron Beckley,
a Faithful and Just Servant of God Almighty, became victims of a road agent of unsavory aspect, peaked ears and pale visage.Said agent did ambush, slaughter and otherwise dismember a worthy deputy of the Warden of this fair Duchy, and verily put hurt upon the Warden himself. For the villainous murderer and deviant was first caught in criminal acts with a hand still red and poaching upon the Duke's land, as well as offering foul sacrifices with the corpses of those unlawful gains.

And when this evil personage was confronted by the righteous and lawful authority, 
he did in a most wicked manner draw arms and proceed to slay a father of three small children, as well as to grievously wound the Warden himself. This, the foul creature did,
 without regard to the protestations and pleas for quarter which would have stayed the hand of more honorable men. Moreover, the Warden, who until this very hour,
has not fully recovered, and whose medicinal attention will surely result in increased taxes, did utter a devoutly whispered prayer which alone might be credited for slowing the dastards murderous spree.

After the brutal attack had commenced,the two remaining deputies,were disarmed by means of dark magicks and were subsequently forced to flee from the savage's relentless onslaught. They will testify to persistent nightmares continuing and present some evidence of that terrible syndrome which is properly termed Post Traumatic in nature. For each claims to have heard the criminal cackling in his loathsome foreign tongue
and giving rise to the casting of spells. Some sages thereafter consulted have agreed
that such incantations and imprecations are in keeping  with a dialect of the long forgotten Fairy Realm.

Therefore, be it known by all who read these presents, and all who hear noise of them afar off, that his Holy Lordship,
Duke Terron Beckley
will pay the sum of 100 mint crowns to the man or men which capture the vile offender and bring him to see true justice, or else produce his body in assurance that the Duchy's true justice has been done. 


  1. Fourth paragraph. Last sentence. The word "dastards" should be "dastard's"