Briefly: Wanted Dead or Alive

A Notice to All Sell Swords and Bounty Hunters and the Decent Peoples of Bolden,
Be you warned that our streets are plagued by vile and uncivilized foreigners,
who are both thieves and murderers of honest tradesmen, and eaters of horses.

Upon this Thewsday last, in the very middle of the day,
a day which shall live on in infamy,
with wanton cruelty and brazen intent, and in the eyes of several witnesses,
the crown jewels of His Grace,
King Halinard,
a prize of the common people of the Kingdom of Bolden and the source of all their pride,
obtained for their benefit and with their love and labors, did while they were under the faithful stewardship of,
Wallace the Just,
fall victim to common thievery with multiple murders attending that crime.

These same eyewitnesses name three savage Eastrun Bandits, a man and his two vile consorts. One of which matches the description of an infamous kidnapper known to lure unspoilt maids into a life of ill repute.
This vile deed, undertaken when said jewels were being sent out for cleaning, occured in the full sight of young children and woman and ladies of some bearing. Additionally, these cutthroats were heard uttering imprecations to their strange gods and dedicating this task into those unholy names. Moreover they were heard to say that they were not respecters of Westrun society, nor had they any regard for the several guilds including most especially the Food Rationers and Storesmans Guild.
In light of these acts, be it known by all that the Kingdom of Bolden authorizes the sum of 10,000 Crowns for the live capture or dead rendition of the male ringleader, and 4,000 Crowns for each of his molls. All three subjects are known to dress in finer clothes. Both females dress scantily over armor and one is described as unbathed.


  1. Unfair, I walked out of that situation before it exploded.

  2. Unfair?

    Did you, or did you not attack a man in broad daylight under the guise of helping a damsel in distress? A "damsel" outfitted in full armor, backpack, weapons, and etc?

  3. Perhaps, "walked to the periphery" would be more accurate than "walked out of", eh?

  4. What about Jarvis? Do the common people think he's a bandit as well?

  5. Apparently, no one remembers a knight at the scene -- just three savages.

  6. I still don't recall the attack in the street by the "male ringleader", but if you say so. In any case, his weapon was never drawn.

  7. also, is there some discrepancy in the dates between the 2 post. This one has a "Thewsday" whereas the previous report is for a Saturday. Sorry for not getting the spelling right on the day for that post.